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2 September 2019


Want to improve your health writing skills so you can write industry-leading health content? Start here. You'll learn the essential best-practices of high-quality health writing through eight comprehensive lessons. Discover how to write engaging, compelling, credible and compliant health news, articles, patient info, and blogs. Join hundreds of other health writers who, like you, care about writing powerful health content that makes a difference. More Info »

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18 November 2019


If you're keen to develop essential health & medical copywriting skills, this is the course for you. You'll learn the art of persuasive, credible and compliant copywriting, and you'll explore career opportunities for healthcare copywriters. With dozens of industry-leading tools, techniques, and resources for creating effective, convincing copywriting, this course is a must for anyone who cares about writing best-practice health & medical copy. More Info »

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Ready to become a freelance health & medical writer, but not sure how to take the next step? Look no further. In this comprehensive, self-paced course, you'll discover how to set up a sustainable, long-term freelance business. You'll be given best-practice resources for working efficiently, marketing your niche skills to your target customers, finding well-paying clients, and getting paid on time. Discover how to thrive, not just survive, in the lucrative health & medical writing industry. More Info »

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Keen to explore a career in health & medical writing so you can work out if it's the right career choice for you? Take the first step today. Learn about the work health & medical writers do, discover who you can work for (freelance and full-time), and get tools, guidance, and resources to plan your career entry into the health & medical writing industry. More Info »

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  • I am considering taking the Introduction To Health Writing course again to continue to develop my skills!

    Michelle introduced me to the world of health writing and its intricacies in such a well thought out and comprehensive way. I am even more excited about the field now. Her thorough and thoughtful feedback on writing pieces was invaluable. Her breadth of experience so clearly conveyed. It was a great opportunity to have direct feedback from someone with her extensive knowledge. I am considering taking the Introduction To Health Writing course again to continue to develop my skills!
    Kimberly Kehoe Brown, USA
  • Highly recommended.

    Principles of Health & Medical Copywriting gave me the fundamentals and courage to start my freelance health and medical copyrighting career. Loads of useful targeted information including references, articles, and notes were provided. In addition, detailed homework pieces to get you thinking hard on your “how to” strategy. Loved it and would highly recommend.
    Amany Wahba
  • Found my first client within 6 weeks

    Michelle’s course was excellent. This was my first taste of medical/health writing and following the course I felt like I had a clear plan for how to proceed to find my way into the industry. Following the suggestions from the course I found my first client within 6 weeks.
    Matt Boyd, NZ
  • Already enabled me to improve the content I create for my freelance clients

    Michelle's course helped me to understand how engaging content and simple writing work together to improve health literacy and patient outcomes. This understanding has already enabled me to add value and improve the content I create for my freelance clients!
    Lisa Buffington, USA
  • A course with a personal touch.

    It was so nice to take a course with a genuine person behind the text. The fact that you could email Michelle to ask questions gave this course the personal touch. I would recommend How To Become A Freelance Health Writer to anyone who thinking about freelance health writing.
    Julia Cameron, Spain
  • Michelle gave very attentive, spot-on feedback on my writing.

    Principles Of Health & Medical Copywriting has a very personal feel—it’s not just great information and helpful resources—because it’s provided in such a delightfully cordial way. In addition to instruction on copywriting skills, there is a lot of attention paid to the process of finding a comfortable place for oneself in the vast and complex landscape of medical writing. I particularly enjoyed the copywriting exercises, where I got to try some new types of writing tasks. Best of all, Michelle gave very attentive, spot-on feedback on my writing.
    Jessica Solodar, USA
  • I look forward to applying what I’ve learned in my future writing projects.

    Michelle's course helped me gain a much better understanding of why simple health & science writing is so important. The tools and techniques described in the course have been very helpful to me, and I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to my future writing projects.
    JoAnna Pendergrass DVM, USA